100% of all pre-sale royalties for A Face on the Flag will be given to support groups for veterans:  Veteran Service organization, charities, and foundations, most of which are listed now below.

This pre-sale period will run from October up to a release date of November 14, 2020. 

After the release of A Face on the Flag 50% of all royalties in all venues will continue to be given to many of these outstanding veteran organizations.  I like to spread it around and am open to any suggestions you may have for future grant.  I do have a personal connection with all the organizations listed!

Order yours today!  Get one for a friend!  Then ask that friend to share an email and keep the cycle going… Let’s make a big mark this Christmas!

So why is this important?  In the age of covid, charities and foundations that rely on donations are hurting.  Every little bit helps.

My efforts are philanthropy with a small p.  We start all journeys with one small step.  Make the step, just one, and pre-order your hardcopy of A Face on the Flag on Amazon or Barnes and Noble online, today!

Fifty percent of the author’s royalties will be donated to veteran charities listed below.

Your purchase positively affects the lives of our service members and their families.

The idea is to donate royalties to our veterans and their families. I hope you enjoy the novel enough to tell your friends, and be glad that you are making a donation to those who have sacrificed more than we can ever repay.”  Kevin Horgan

The March of the 18th

“A Story of Crippled Heroes in the Civil War” 

By Kevin Horgan

The March of the Orphans

And the Battle of Stones River

By Kevin Horgan

GEORGIA TECH FOUNDATION, in memory of Sean Keuhl, USMC


A quick update of A FACE ON THE FLAG, the novel i published back in November 2020.

The pre-sale period was strong with over 430 copies sold… and in December 2020, I contributed 100% of my royalties of $1500 ($250 each) to six deserving veteran support groups:









Important to note that Merrill Lynch purchased 75 books for its clientele.  That kind of support is immeasurably valuable.  I have been a very very very happy and satisfied client for many years, and if you need a brokerage firm to invest and protect your money, my Merrill Lynch team is the best.  Let me know if you want an introduction.

Donations made for previous work (several of these have been mingled in with personal donations not related to books sales.  I am including them all here for transparency).  You will see multiple donations to the same VSO in the same year.  Some were in store, some were at conventions, some were … I just like those people.  Most payouts were quarterly.


Tunnel2Towers                                               $500

The Warrior Alliance                                       $250

Travis Manion Foundation                            $250


Georgia Tech Foundation,

     In memory of Sean Keuhl, USMC                $500

Cherokee County Homeless Veterans             $ 50

Archdiocese of Military veterans, USA             $ 27


Georgia Tech Foundation,

      In memory of Sean Keuhl, USMC          $500

911 Promise Run                                            $ 50


Semper Fi Fund                                               $100

 Lean year.  I retired and we did a lot of travelling and stuff.


Semper Fi Fund                                                 $400

Hope For the Warriors                                     $300

Gary Sinise foundation                                     $300

Cherokee County Homeless Veterans           $260

Semper Fi Fund                                                 $310

Tunnel2Towers                                                  $100


PTGI Ken Korlow                                               $225

San Diego Military Families (now defunct)   $150

New Horizons For Heroes                               $125

Phoenix Patriot Foundation                            $101

Hire Heroes USA                                                $155

Tunnel2Towers                                                 $300

Purple Heart Homes                                         $ 90


Operation Comfort Warriors                        $400

Tunnel2Towers                                               $160

Hope For The Warriors                                  $120

Gary Sinise Foundation                                  $100

Operation Comfort Warriors                         $350

Hope For The Warriors                                  $125

REA                                                                    $125

Gary Sinise Foundation                                  $125

New Horizons For Heroes (now defunct)   $300

Hope For The Warriors                                   $100

Operation Comfort Warriors                        $100

Phoenix Patriot Foundation                          $100

Gary Sinise Foundation                                  $100



Hope For The Warriors                                   $400

Operation Comfort Warriors                          $400

Phoenix Patriot Foundation                            $400

Gary Sinise Foundation                                    $125

Tunnel2Towers                                                 $300

Kevin Horgan presents Jared Ogden, Founder and CEO of the Phoenix Patriot Foundation with a check for royalties from the sale of “The March of the 18th”

Kevin Horgan presents a royalty check at the American Legion National Convention in Charlotte, NC, to Mike Pirnat, Deputy Director of Fundraising.

Hello friends of The March of the 18th and The March of the Orphans

 I am always impressed with the enthusiasm of lovers of American History.  Thank you to my hosts.

Thanks much… your encouragement, support, and patience mean the world to me and all these noble charities!

Thanks for all your support, and encourage your friends to check out the website. If you have the time, please consider putting up a review on either book on Amazon. Reviews boosts the magical algorithm that drives people to my books. Thank you in advance!


As I am sure many of you have read, the Wounded Warrior project has been getting some very negative press lately.  Good!  They deserve it!  The funds I support give 90% + of money to clients and client services.  Please check out my website for details…

Thank you all for spreading the word about the books, and for all your kind words and reviews… and for those of you who haven’t written an Amazon review yet, please do so as soon as you can… it does help the search algorithms on the site, and will help sales over the long term… A BIG THANKS for all who have taken the time to write thoughtful and gracious reviews of my humble work.


To avoid confusion as to the amount that is potentially donated for the sale of one book, I am setting forth a general explanation.

On a price point of $15.99, “royalty” paid to an author varies, and is based on the seller-vendor and the whether the book is hard copy or e-book.  Seasonality counts, too, as the price of paper has caused my royalties for the hardcopy to swing.

Here’s a rough chart:

                                                                       Price                           Royalty (five year avg)

Amazon Hardcopy                                      $15.99                                  $3.21

Amazon e-copy (Kindle)                             $7.99                                    $5.18

Direct from author (ship not incl)            $15.99                                   $7.00


Prices are subject to changes down, usually, for sale purposes.

AT THIS TIME UNTIL 2021 I only have copies of The March of the Orphans available to me.  That price is shown on the “Other Books” page.

Purchase for A Face on the Flag is best through Amazon or Barnes & Noble and purchases for The March of the 18th is best purchased through Xulon/Salem.

Sorry about that, but right now it’s all about A Face on the Flag and getting the pre-sale order made!

Royalties for all purchases/orders made in October and November through third party vendors is paid to me on December 20, 2020.  I promise to make payments to VSO’s and foundations/charities within 7 days, and will publish all data by the end of the year.

Completely transparent.  Integrity Matters.

I should be able to have a few book signings at Barnes & Noble in December, too.  I am looking forward to that, as I have sold almost 95% of all my books at Barnes & Noble brick and mortar… they have been wonderful to me.

All sales for all books after November 15, 2020, regardless of venue will have 50% of all royalties paid out to VSO’s and foundation/charities.

I am happy to engage and discuss on all issues relating to this site.  Email me at m18@kmhorgan.com