FIFTY percent of the author’s royalties will be
donated to charities for wounded veterans.

Your purchase positively affects the lives of wounded service members and their families.

The idea is to donate royalties to wounded veterans and their families. I hope you enjoy the novel enough to tell your friends, and be glad that you are making a donation to those who have sacrificed more than we can ever repay.”  Kevin Horgan

The March of the Orphans

And the Battle of Stones River

Kevin Horgan presents Jared Ogden, Founder and CEO of the Phoenix Patriot Foundation with a check for royalties from the sale of “The March of the 18th,” on January 2, 2014.

Kevin Horgan presents a royalty check for $350 after selling 70 books at the American Legion National Convention in Charlotte, NC, to Mike Pirnat, Deputy Director of Fundraising, in August, 2014.

Hello friends of The March of the 18th and The March of the Orphans

2017 sales have been slow as I have been busy with other projects. In June of 2017 I had quarterly sales of just over $520, and half of that, $260, was sent to the Cherokee County Homeless Veterans Program, under the direction of Jim Lindenmayer. Jim’s program is located in Waleska, Georgia. Give him a call at 678-983-7590 if you want to inquire further of his efforts.

ANOTHER SOLID QUARTER of sales and royalties for February, March, and April 2016!  Net sales (both book and e-book) was 198. Half of the royalties collected will be donated to the Phoenix Patriot Foundation, Jared Ogden’s “night” job…  Jared is part of a headliner VETLANTA speaker night on August 11th at UPS corporate headquarters, along with Colonel Wayne Waddell, US Navy aviator and a Vietnam POW for over five years, AND Undersecretary of the Army Patrick Murphy.  Quite a line-up!

I had three exciting speaking events in the past 30 days, and I am always impressed with the enthusiasm of lovers of American History.  Thank you to my hosts.

Thanks much… your encouragement, support, and patience mean the world to me and all these noble charities!


The March of the Orphans (2015) and The March of the 18th (2013).  The period covered is Nov/Dec 2015 and January 2016.  Most of these are retail sales (a big tip-of-the-hat to my friends at Barnes & Noble!).

172 total books, and 18 e-books… total royalty from Xulon Press of $1,088.64.  This is the “clean-up” of the Christmas sales… recall that the 4th Qtr 2015 notched my biggest sales quarter ever.

I am donating over half that amount, $550, directly to the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation.  I have given to these generous people in the past, but not for over a year… my great friends Dan and Marie Deleon are tireless volunteers to this Staten Island based team, and have much to be proud of:  Charity Navigator gives SST2T a rating of 96.46, eleventh of ALL veteran charities throughout the USA.  This is a remarkable number, given that there are estimated to be over 50,000 veteran 501c3 groups throughout the land…  SST2T gives 87.4% of its funds directly to clients and client services, and the CEO salary is…. zero. I like that.
I thought you would, too.

Thanks for all your support, and encourage your friends to check out the website. If you have the time, please consider putting up a review on either book on Amazon. Reviews boosts the magical algorithm that drives people to my books. Thank you in advance!

Time for a quarterly royalty disbursement for all books sold in 3rd party retail outlets (Barnes & Noble, ebooks, etc.) in August, September and October 2015.BEST QUARTER EVER!!!

428 copies of “The March of the Orphans” and 130 copies of “The March of the 18th.”

I suspect that many of these books were pre-sold by my friends at B&N in anticipation of the Christmas push, but that still registers at over $1,813 in royalties!  I will be writing checks this month to three organizations for HALF of all royalties…

$310 Semper Fi Fund

$300 Hope For The Warriors

$300 Gary Sinise Foundation

As I am sure many of you have read, the Wounded Warrior project has been getting some very negative press lately.  Good!  They deserve it!  The funds I support give 90% + of money to clients and client services.  Please check out my website for details…

Thank you all for spreading the word about the books, and for all your kind words and reviews… and for those of you who haven’t written an Amazon review yet, please do so as soon as you can… it does help the search algorithms on the site, and will help sales over the long term… A BIG THANKS for all who have taken the time to write thoughtful and gracious reviews of my humble work.

Disbursement 01/06/16:

  •  Semper Fi Fund $400  Solid group, highly rated on Charity Navigator!  93% of funds go directly to clients (Injured marines) and only 4% to fund-raising costs.

Disbursement 12/03/15:

Just sent a check to HIRE HEROES USA, $155 based in Alpharetta, Georgia, for the work it does to assist transitioning veterans. This represents half the royalties for May, June, and July 2015.

Disbursement 08/05/15:.

  • Purple Heart Homes  $90 at the Toccoa History Museum

Disbursement 05/28/15:.

  • New Horizons For Heroes  $125
  • Phoenix Patriot Foundation  $101

Disbursement 02/28/15:

  • Home Front San Diego  $150
  • Post Traumatic Growth Institute $225 where “GOD DOESN’T WASTE PAIN.”

Disbursement 12/31/14: 

  • Hope For The Warriors $100
  • Operation Comfort Warriors (American Legion) $100
  • Phoenix Patriot Foundation $100
  • Gary Sinise Foundation  $100

Disbursement 11/2014:  New Horizons for Heroes $300 mailed and received, after attempt to deliver in Heidelberg, Germany, could not be completed.

Disbursement 08/2014:

  • Operation Comfort Warriors $350 given at the American Legion convention!
  • Hope For The Warriors  $125
  • Gary Sinise Foundation  $125
  • Resource Exchange Association  $125  NEW!

Disbursement 05/25/14:

  • Operation Comfort Warriors  $400
  • Hope For The Warriors  $120
  • Gary Sinise Foundation  $100

Disbursement 01/31/14:

Quarterly 3rd party retail for 87 books and 7 e-books is $315.  I will be sending a check for $160 to Tunnel 2 Towers at the discretion and direction of Dan Deleon, a former Army officer, UPS partner, and my great friend.

Disbursement 12/31/13:             

  • Hope For The Warriors  $400
  • Operation Comfort Warriors (American Legion) $400
  • The Phoenix Patriot Foundation $400
  • The Gary Sinise Foundation  $125

THE FOLLOWING ARE NON-PROFIT 501(c)(3) ORGANIZATIONS…SOLID AS THE DAY IS LONG.  The Semper Fi Fund and America’s Fund provide immediate financial assistance and lifetime support to post-9/11 wounded, critically ill and injured members of all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, and their families, ensuring that they have the resources they need during their recovery and transition back to their communities. The mission is to enhance the quality of life for post-9/11 service members, their families, and families of the fallen who have sustained physical and psychological wounds in the line of duty. This organization has one of the highest and most consistent Charity Navigator ratings I have researched. The mission is to provide direct support to severely wounded veterans, enabling them to fully recover, reintegrate, and remain engaged in serving America.  The American Legion’s Operation Comfort Warriors provides comfort items for wounded, injured or ill military personnel.  No man has done more for this generation of veterans. Gary Sinise’s foundation serves our nation by honoring our defenders, veterans, first responders, their families, and those in need… by creating and supporting unique programs designed to entertain, educate, strengthen, and build communities. “Building For America’s Bravest” is a proud program of the T2T, which was founded in the name of Stephen Siller, a firefighter who gave his life to save others on September 11, 2001. The Resources Exchange Association gathers tools to give to wounded veterans to get them started on productive independence. A fun group of veterans, they are worthy of your attention!


PurpleHeartHomes  Purple Heart Homes, together with the community is committed  to ensuring quality of life housing solutions for disabled American Veterans of all eras.


“Catch A Lift” is dedicated to the physical and mental recovery of wounded veterans by providing gym memberships and in home equipment.


horizontal-logo-transparent  Hire Heroes USA empowers transitioning U.S. military members, veterans and their spouses to succeed in the civilian workforce through workshops, personalized career coaching and employment preparation counseling.