Kevin Horgan is the author of two historical novels describing unique and unheralded aspects of the Civil War: The March of the Orphans, and The March of the 18th. 

Kevin’s current novel is “A Face on the Flag,” a story about failure and redemption and the friends who carry through. It is available for presale in October 2020 for a ship date of mid-November.

“Remember the Fallen Warrior”

FIFTY percent of the author’s royalties will be donated to charities for veterans.

The March of the Orphans And the Battle of Stones River will enlighten and entertain you about a remarkable footnote in our nation’s history.

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“The March of the Orphans

And the Battle of Stones River”

by Kevin Horgan

One of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War, the Battle of Stones River (aka Murfreesboro) was almost fought to a draw, but the hubris of General Braxton Bragg, CSA, forced one last rebel attack, and the confederates were routed by a superior Union Army on January 2, 1863, after three days of brutal fighting.

All of the Kentucky Confederate regiments were known as “Orphans,” as both the USA and the CSA had a star on its respective flag claiming the allegiance of the state. In this battle, the “Orphan Brigade” of Kentucky volunteers was led by Major General John C. Breckenridge, CSA, former vice president of the USA.

James Time, an itinerant northern seaman turned soldier, finds himself leading a platoon of orphans, youngsters in every respect, in the 6th Kentucky Regiment of the Rebel Army. Follow Sergeant Time as he leads his young and inexperienced soldiers into battle against a larger and better equipped Union Army. After the fight, Time risks his own life and freedom to rescue a slave and a pregnant teen in a mad dash north, testing his own resolve and courage.

THANK YOU to all friends of The March of the 18th, which was nominated as a 2013 Georgia Author of the Year, First Novel category… We didn’t win, but the notice is appreciated!


“A Story of Crippled Heroes in the Civil War”  By Kevin Horgan

In 1864 the fate of the Union Army’s Veterans’ Reserve Corps rested on the courage of its soldiers crippled by the war, whose only desire was dignified service even after harrowing personal sacrifice.

The March of the 18th is a historical novel wrapped around the true events of one invalid regiment created and then forgotten as a footnote in our nation’s history. The 18th Veterans’ Reserve Corps was created during the Civil War to allow severely wounded soldiers to serve effectively, thereby freeing the able-bodied for combat.

The invalid soldier is a living monument to our freedom. The March of the 18th is a small book but a big story, and brings this unit’s perseverance to light.

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