Kevin’s current novel is “A Face on the Flag,” a story about failure and redemption and the friends who carry us through.


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Clem Reeger, a 50-something businessman and USMC veteran of Desert Storm/Desert Shield in ‘90/91, is at the peak of his career.

The action takes place over the month of October, “the worst month of my life” in Clem’s words, and culminates in the death of a friend and two shocking brushes with life-threatening and harrowing circumstances, and finally redemption.

Clem loses the love of his life, his job, his reputation, and his self-respect in a matter of days.

We discover through Clem’s eyes that he is a fraud who didn’t share the credit of a unique discovery for a commercial device, called a T-Cup, which is a worldwide household item that made Clem wealthy.  We also learn that his recognition for bravery in both Marine Corps training and during DS/DS was a lie.

Clem’s long-time partner, Judith, is an artist of some fame who has dumped him for his lassitude and impulsive behavior and drinking binges.

Judith, intense and beautiful, created a unique work of art:  A wooden pedestrian door, painted with the face transfer of a 3-inch tin plate repeatedly pressed on the surface that shows a vertical US flag, giving the impression it is gently flowing in the breeze.  This is A Face on the Flag.

Clem’s best friend, Coach Billy Bowman, also a veteran of DS/DS, is a high school teacher who still espouses Marine Corps esprit but carries the burden of guilt of a fluke death of a teenager under his supervision.

In an effort at redemption, Clem joins a veteran support group, Heroes Who Hike on High.  There he plans an arduous trek up a local mountain trail called the “Crooked Hooker.”  The commitment is total:  he needs to get in shape, and fast.

Billy decides to help Clem get in shape and also to accompany him and a Heroes Who Hike client for the three-day maneuver.

A central figure is Arlo, a wounded Army veteran of the current War on Terror, who joins Clem and Billy on the trek up the Crooked Hooker.  Arlo doesn’t let his leg, missing below the knee, effect his attack on living his life to the fullest.

Key players are Game Jackson, Clem’s neighbor and friend, and Boo Callahan, the director of Heroes Who Hike, both of whom are career Army veterans.

And there’s a notorious local figure, Fat Tick, a loose friend of Clem’s and whose reputation attracts the wrong people.

Meet also the Old Timers, a garage band turned media sensation, whose drummer, Chuck Chunco, hatches a plan to make the band TV stars.

The gravity of Clem’s terrible life decisions, even though the world has been handed to him on a platter, culminate in intense revelations and unplanned confessions with Billy and Arlo on the ascent of the Crooked Hooker.

The three commiserate and rage over the circumstances of life that threw obstacles at them all, earned or unjust, and how they wrested control of their lives back into their own hands.

Then catastrophe strikes, one man dies, and the other two are a heartbeat from falling off a cliff and drowning in a mudslide.

Later, a feral animal attacks.

Grief is brutal to our players, but a discovery of a legacy for one, a life change with redemption for another, and a long overdue reconciliation for a third brings solace and hope to all.

Veterans will appreciate the sharp differences in the gravity of pain that compatriots carry, while recognizing their personal availability to their friends is crucial to seeing each other through the dark hours.

Veterans young and old will grasp the experiences in A Face on the Flag.

Kevin Horgan is the author of two historical novels describing unique and unheralded aspects of the Civil War: The March of the Orphans, and The March of the 18th.


FIFTY percent of the author’s royalties will be donated to charities for veterans.


The March of the Orphans And the Battle of Stones River will enlighten and entertain you about a remarkable footnote in our nation’s history.

All purchases from this site will be inscribed for you or your recipient, and signed by the author.  

“The March of the Orphans

And the Battle of Stones River”

by Kevin Horgan

One of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War, the Battle of Stones River (aka Murfreesboro) was almost fought to a draw, but the hubris of General Braxton Bragg, CSA, forced one last rebel attack, and the confederates were routed by a superior Union Army on January 2, 1863, after three days of brutal fighting.

All of the Kentucky Confederate regiments were known as “Orphans,” as both the USA and the CSA had a star on its respective flag claiming the allegiance of the state. In this battle, the “Orphan Brigade” of Kentucky volunteers was led by Major General John C. Breckenridge, CSA, former vice president of the USA.

James Time, an itinerant northern seaman turned soldier, finds himself leading a platoon of orphans, youngsters in every respect, in the 6th Kentucky Regiment of the Rebel Army. Follow Sergeant Time as he leads his young and inexperienced soldiers into battle against a larger and better equipped Union Army. After the fight, Time risks his own life and freedom to rescue a slave and a pregnant teen in a mad dash north, testing his own resolve and courage.

THANK YOU to all friends of The March of the 18th, which was nominated as a 2013 Georgia Author of the Year, First Novel category… We didn’t win, but the notice is appreciated!


“A Story of Crippled Heroes in the Civil War”  By Kevin Horgan

In 1864 the fate of the Union Army’s Veterans’ Reserve Corps rested on the courage of its soldiers crippled by the war, whose only desire was dignified service even after harrowing personal sacrifice.

The March of the 18th is a historical novel wrapped around the true events of one invalid regiment created and then forgotten as a footnote in our nation’s history. The 18th Veterans’ Reserve Corps was created during the Civil War to allow severely wounded soldiers to serve effectively, thereby freeing the able-bodied for combat.

The invalid soldier is a living monument to our freedom. The March of the 18th is a small book but a big story, and brings this unit’s perseverance to light.

Your purchase helps support our veterans!